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Greenhouse Equipment

Provision of modern agriculture

As Egeasya Tarım, we offer a wide selection of greenhouse equipment, which is one of the integral elements of modern agriculture. Greenhouse equipment is used to ensure high production efficiency, especially during the off-season, and to ensure that plants grow in good conditions. As Egeasya Tarım, we provide expert advice and support to our customers in choosing the most suitable greenhouse equipment and successfully completing their greenhouse projects. Our greenhouse equipment meets industry standards for quality, durability and efficiency, ensuring long-term use for our customers.

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Greenhouse Structures

Durable and long-lasting greenhouse structures are available in various sizes and types. Our state-of-the-art design allows maximum sunlight, blocks harmful UV rays and maintains the right temperature and humidity levels in the greenhouse.


Heating And Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling systems used to maintain a constant temperature inside the greenhouse optimize plant growth. There are a variety of systems that can run on natural gas, electricity, or solar energy, depending on your needs.


Ventilation systems

Ventilation systems that circulate air and maintain temperature balance in the greenhouse are important for healthy plant growth. There are solutions such as window openers and fans that work with automatic control systems.


Humidity control systems

humidity control systems used to provide the required level of humidity to plants measure the air humidity in the greenhouse and make the necessary corrections. These systems allow plants to be resistant to diseases and pests.