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Heating And Cooling Systems

Heating And Cooling Solutions

Egeasya Tarım offers various solutions to farmers and agricultural professionals regarding heating and cooling systems, which are one of the integral elements of modern agriculture. Heating and cooling systems play an important role in growing, storing and processing agricultural products.

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Greenhouse Heating Systems

Greenhouse heating systems are specially designed for farmers who want to grow crops out of season. These systems are ideal for maintaining the required temperature and humidity levels inside the greenhouse.


Greenhouse Cooling Systems

Efficient greenhouse cooling systems used to control the temperature inside the greenhouse during hot weather. These systems prevent heat damage to plants and increase productivity.


Storage And Cold Stores

Cooling units designed to store the collected products and keep them fresh for a long time. These systems preserve the quality of products and prevent them from deteriorating.


Heating Systems Of Agricultural Enterprises

Efficient and reliable heating systems used for heating the interior of agricultural enterprises. These systems improve business operations and improve employee comfort.