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Your Soil's New Friend

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Egeasya is a company that offers you comprehensive agricultural solutions with many years of experience in the field of agriculture and expert staff. We offer our customers a wide range of services, especially gardening, purchasing seedlings, landscaping, turnkey field construction, irrigation systems, greenhouse construction and many other agricultural needs.

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Services Offered to Fertile Lands!

As a company specializing in agriculture, Egeasya offers comprehensive solutions for farmers and agricultural professionals. We support you from start to finish with the agricultural services we offer.

Garden Installation And Design

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Our team of experts offers custom garden designs to suit your needs and soil characteristics.

Purchase And Planting Of Seedlings

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We carry out proper sowing and planting with high-quality vegetable and fruit seedlings by experienced hands.

Irrigation Systems

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We increase efficiency with modern irrigation solutions such as water pump systems, drip irrigation systems and irrigation pipes.

Filtration And Fertilization Systems

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We optimize plant nutrition with filtration and fertilization systems tailored to your soil.


Gives Life To Your Soil

Egeasya compares the filter management system assistant. With a high-performance and energy-saving water filtration system that contributes to your heavy training fields, it creates an affordable workout for efficient water management.

Our manufacturing company offers a variety of safe and powerful pump solutions to support your agricultural processes and make water supply efficient. Optimize your irrigation and water transfer processes with our pump options to help your farm.

Another important product offered by Egeasya is filtration systems that are used today to centrally increase your land and water supply. Specially designed filtration systems for agricultural fields, filter substances and inputs from water, use healthy distribution of plants.

Effective nutrition is necessary for successful agriculture. Fertilizer systems in Egeasia provide a balanced supply of essential nutrients to plants. Optimizing fertilizers based on soil analysis, special systems ensure maximum growth of your plants with high yield.

At Egeasya, we offer a wide range of products designed to optimize the bedding process and increase efficiency. You can check out our "Products" page soon for a full introduction to our products.

As Egeasya, we are happy to cooperate with you and help you with your agricultural projects. We are here to listen to your needs and support you with our solutions. Contact us!

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Agricultural Innovations And The Road To Success

As Egeasya Tarım, we undertake advanced projects in the agricultural sector and offer special solutions for the needs of our farmers, agricultural professionals and businesses. Our projects are designed to meet the requirements of modern agriculture, embrace the principle of sustainability and increase efficiency.

Why US?

As Egeasya Tarım, there are many reasons why we stand out in the field of agriculture.

Our team of experts
Quality products
Innovation and R&D
Customer focus
Comprehensive services
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