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Giving Advice

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Consulting Project

As Egeasya Tarım, we offer expert consulting services to farmers and agricultural businesses to adopt successful and sustainable agricultural practices. Our consulting project is aimed at guiding farmers in the process of improving current farming methods, increasing productivity and finding solutions to problems.


Our customers' success is our priority and we strive to maximize their farming operations.

Our expert agricultural engineers provide professional advice to farmers in agricultural processes. We provide guidance to farmers on issues such as soil analysis, plant nutrition, disease and pest control.
By visiting our clients' farms, we assess current conditions and identify areas with potential for improvement. We assess field productivity through methods such as soil sampling and plant growth analysis.
We help our customers determine the nutrients their plants need and create optimal fertilization and irrigation plans. In this way, we increase efficiency and ensure efficient use of natural resources.
We direct our customers to use modern agricultural technologies. We encourage the efficient use of technological solutions such as agricultural machinery, automation systems and data analysis tools.
We help farmers expand their marketing opportunities by diversifying their product range. We analyze market requirements and support the introduction of new products and marketing strategies.