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Egeasya Tarım R&D projects

Egeasya Tarım's R&D (Research and Development) project aims to develop innovative solutions in the agricultural sector and provide effective and efficient agricultural practices to farmers by using the latest technologies in the sector. This R&D project is aimed at different objectives in different sectors of agriculture.

1 Data analysis

Egeasya Tarim's R&D project also focuses on agricultural data analysis and development of smart agricultural applications. These projects aim to provide real-time data monitoring and analysis to farmers to improve productivity.

2 Productivity improvement technologies

Our research team develops new technologies and methods to increase agricultural productivity. For example, it works on innovative solutions such as efficient irrigation systems, automatic fertilization technologies and precision farming practices.

3 Innovative product development

Our R&D efforts focus on developing innovative products for the agricultural sector. These products include more efficient irrigation systems, new plant varieties, fertilizer systems and agricultural machinery.

4 Sustainability oriented projects

Egeasya Tarım implements R&D projects to promote sustainable agricultural practices. These projects focus on sustainability goals such as protecting soil and water resources, improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.