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Turn-Key Projects

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Installation At The Turnkey Site

Egeasya Tarım offers comprehensive solutions to farmers and agricultural enterprises, offering turnkey field installation projects to facilitate their agricultural activities and increase productivity. Turnkey field installation projects are designed specifically for customer needs and requests and involve building the field from scratch.


We are happy to support farmers to increase the efficiency of their agricultural enterprises and increase their competitiveness.

As a first step, we evaluate the acreage together with our customers and determine the most suitable strategy for agriculture. By conducting soil analysis, we determine which products are suitable for agriculture and which agricultural methods are used.
During the preparation of the agricultural field, we process and adjust the soil and, if necessary, make corrections. We take all necessary measures to improve soil quality and increase crop productivity.
We select seedlings and seeds according to the climate and soil conditions of the growing region. Selected seedlings and seeds are planted at the right time and in the right way by our team of experts.
Irrigation and irrigation systems necessary for irrigation of agricultural fields have been installed. Different irrigation methods can be used such as drip irrigation system, sprinkler system or underground irrigation systems.
Plant care and fertilization procedures necessary for healthy and strong growth of crops are carried out regularly. Necessary precautions are taken to protect plants from diseases and increase productivity.
Consumers are supported during the ripening and harvesting of cereals. The service is equipped with the necessary equipment and expertise to efficiently conduct the harvesting process.